Doctor C shares health information (Case Study)

The Brief

Dr C is a busy GP with a particular interest in Integrative Medicine. She finds that she is often repeating the same information during patient consults. She is also a popular source of advice for her network of health-conscious friends and colleagues. Dr C would like to provide this information online so everyone can benefit from her knowledge without waiting for their next appointment, or catching up socially.

Dr C intends to publish new content at least once a month. Most will be written articles and some will include videos. She already has a number of videos on YouTube and would like to include these on the site, too.
Dr C is non-technical. She needs a simple way to create and manage a central repository of content that she can refer people to. The website should also advertise her availability as a public speaker, TV/video presenter and expert panelist.

Dr C does not want to pay for advertising and would prefer to build her following through word-of-mouth referrals. It is important to her to keep her professional and private lives separate.

Dr C’s “Funnel Vision”

  • Create a website containing all of Dr C’s existing content
  • Use a CMS that allows Dr C to add new content herself
  • Create social pages for Dr C (separate from personal profiles)
  • Pull visitors to the site by publishing automatic notifications to social channels whenever new content is added
  • Include media engagement enquiry form on the website
Content Management

Using the Funnel Vision Content Engine, we will establish a website based on the popular WordPress content management system (CMS). Using an established CMS means Dr C is not tied to Funnel Vision for maintenance or content creation in future.

The CMS will act as a central repository for all of Dr C’s articles. Some articles will include content pulled from external sources (e.g. YouTube). The site will be search engine optimised (SEO’d) for “integrative medicine” and related terms.

In time, it is expected the site will become a popular source of information on integrative medicine and general health and well-being. Dr C will establish herself as an authority in this field. This will feed back into Dr C’s wish to develop her media profile.

Social Integration

Funnel Vision will integrate the website with Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and other popular social media platforms. We will create new profile pages to maintain the separation between Dr C’s personal and private life, as required.
When Dr C posts a new article, or creates a new video, followers on these channels will automatically be notified. She can share the details of the website and new social pages with her patients. She can use her existing social profiles to share her website articles and refer friends to her professional pages.

Media Opportunities

A key objective of the site is to court media opportunities. Funnel Vision will create a focal page with a short bio, media CV and images. A contact form will be added for enquiries.

The end result will create a “virtuous cycle” by helping Dr C establish herself as an authority on Integrative Medicine, which will raise her public profile and increase the likelihood of public appearances. These will, in turn, provide Dr C opportunities to raise awareness of her website and encourage more followers on the social channels.

Paul Middleton

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Illawarra, NSW
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