Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the practice of attracting (and retaining) customers through the creation of articles, posts, images, videos, and other media that they find valuable.

The content is often not directly related to a specific product or service. Instead, customers are provided information they find interesting or beneficial to create a positive association between the content matter and the person or business providing it.

Red Bull uses content marketing in the form of videos of motor racing, base jumping, BMX riding and all the other crazy things they sponsor. Most of these do not feature anyone actually drinking the Red Bull energy drink. Watching the videos creates a positive impression of the brand for those who enjoy watching those videos (whether they participate in the activities themselves or not) who are the consumers Red Bull are trying to target.

This article is another example. I’m writing primarily to educate visitors to this website so you can understand more of my posts. I’m hoping you’ll entrust me with developing your content marketing strategy as a result of reading this post. If so, the content marketing will have fulfilled its purpose.