Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free online tool that allows website owners to analyse the source and behaviour of visitors on their website.

To use the tool it is necessary to add a small piece of tracking code onto your website pages. The tool only tracks information from the moment it’s added, so it’s a good idea to add the code snippet before the site is made publicly accessible. Apart from providing a lot of valuable data (for free), it’s great to watch your website popularity rise right from the start. If you haven’t done this, yet, don’t worry, but you really should add it ASAP, even if you’re not going to use it right now.

It’s better to have the data and not use it, than need it and not have it, right?

With the Google Analytics code in place, you can use the online interface to view basic metrics like the total number of visitors to the site, where they came from, and which pages they visited. Analysing this information may provide insights into how you can improve your website, e.g. by identifying pages that visitors regularly leave the site from, either immediately after arrival (they ‘bounce’) or at some point in a path towards a particular goal (aka a ‘conversion path’).

Beyond the basic tracking code, it is possible to create advanced implementations that include custom dimensions and metrics, event tracking, ecommerce tracking, and many other features. These enhance your analytical capabilities and make Google Analytics even more useful if you want to increase the value of your website for you and your customers. Did I mention this is FREE?!

Google Analytics can also be integrated with other tools, such as Google AdWords, Google Search Console (or Webmaster Tools) and Google Content Experiments, which form a comprehensive suite for managing and improving your website.

Start developing your Funnel Vision now by implementing the basic tracking code, establishing which key metrics you should be measuring for your site, and analysing your website performance.

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